Well.. This is my first attempt at a canvas bag 🙂 Got the ‘How To Do’ from the net and started collecting bits of materials and fat quarters.. and ended up with this.

Also bought the Sukie Iron on book from Amazon. I tried a few on the bag and they have worked well. I was looking for bigger transfers but couldnt really find any.
Tried to make a wee pocket inside the bag aswell!! It was actually quite difficult to do even though its such a simple thing!!!
My Second Bag….
This is my scond bag for my lovely little Neice Holly. Its probably half the size of the one i made before and i bought some fabric pens to try out as well. I used the sukie transfers on the pretty fabric to keep it simple.

Then i used a design i already had in one of my journals and copied it on with a fabric marker. Then just ironed over the top to seal it. I then ironed on the letters of Holly and put bits of ribbon and other material on the sides. The handles are both peices of ribbon from Boyes! I stiched them together and bobs your uncle!
Hopefully Holly will be pleased with the bag 🙂

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