My first Stuffed Animal!!!

My first stuffed animal! Yey!! 😀 Im quite proud of it really.. Never thought id be able to do one of these!!! Heres how i did it…

You’ll need:

fabric-2 coordinating fabrics. 1/2 yard of each is plenty-but you really only need a FQ or scraps for the ears


lightweight iron on interfacing

scraps of white felt

poly fil



First tape together the pattern, then cut out the pieces of your pattern as labeled. Cut all the pieces so that they are mirroring each other, ie right sides together. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance throughout.


Then take the ears, and iron on the interfacing to one wrong side of one piece. Sew the two ear pieces right sides together around the outside of the ear. Leave the inside curve open. Repeat for other ear. Then clip the curves (or use pinking shears-so quick and does the hard work for you!), and turn right side out.

Then sew a gathering stitch along the open side, and gather the ears.

You can gather them in more or less, whatever you want! Pin them to the curve of the elephant body like so..then baste the ear along the gathering stitch you sewed earlier. Repeat for other ear.

Then take the elephant head piece and pin on top of the ear. You’ll have to manipulate it a little to get it pinned but it will fit nicely.

Then sew those pieces together.Lightly press. repeat with other side of elephant.Then take the white eye piece and place it where you want.  (you can add heat n bond to the felt to help it stay in place while you sew it down) Sew around the edge of the eye with a satin stitch. (a zig zag stitch with the stitches close together)

Then pin the two sides of the elephant together like so. Sew around the entire elephant, starting at the back and ending right after the neck, leaving about a 3″ opening. Clip corners and curves-but not too close to the seam! Turn right side out and stuff with poly fil. Sew the opening close with an invisible stitch, and you’re done!  << The Free Pattern for the Elephant.


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