Applique owls Tutorial

Applique owls

Nicola Smith from Table View made wall art by covering a canvas block in an appliqué owl design.

You will need
• 40 x 40cm cotton print fabric or shweshwe, for appliqué background
• assorted cotton fabric remnants and felt offcuts
• matching coloured thread
• 20 x 20cm box canvas
• assorted buttons
• staple gun

Before you begin
On a piece of paper, draw a 20 x 20cm square that represents your canvas. Draw and plan your owl design within the square. Make a template based on the design to use as a pattern.

To make
1 Cut out the shape of the body from the cotton print remnants. Cut the face, eyes and beak from felt and the wings from contrasting cotton fabric.
Lay out the pieces and carefully pin together.
3 Using a zigzag stitch, carefully sew along the edges of the wings, turning the fabric as you work. Remove the pins as you work.
4 Using a wider spaced straight stitch, sew the felt face in position.
Use blanket stitch to sew around the outline of the face. Alternatively, use embroidery thread and hand stitch this detail.
6 Using different stitches of your choice, sew the beak and eye circles into position.
7 Sew on the buttons for the eyes using a contrasting thread.
8 Centre your owl on your 40 x 40cm square of background fabric. You can also add details like a branch and leaves. Pin all the pieces in place, layering the pieces as you will stitch them.
9 Working carefully, stitch along the outline of the owl, branch and leaves. Use a tight zigzag stitch around the outside of the owl. Tuck the owl under the branch then work the felt branch with a straight stitch.
10 Place your finished appliqué right side down on your work surface. Centre your canvas block on the 40 x 40cm square.
11 Neatly fold in the sides of the fabric and fold over to the back of the canvas block. Hold the fabric tightly in place and secure the edges with a staple gun.

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Go to her website to see her other designs.


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