The only bit of Paris I got to see really! Came back to England after a few days… Loved the French way of life and their culture but didnt like being an Au Pair.. really bad pay and hard working conditions. But it was worth going anyway just to see what it was like i guess!! 🙂 Paris was okay.. abit to expensive and busy but had some lovely buildings. I loved the Food there, we had pasta, cheeses, french bread, wine, grapes.. and alot of olive oil!  🙂

But.. im glad to be home.



3 thoughts on “Paris!!

  1. It’s a shame you didn’t get to see more of Paris. I bet it’d be a whole lot more magical if you visit as a traveler -vs- a Au Pair. I went in 2008 and thought it was awesome…try and go again, with some one you love and tell them so while looking out at the city from the deck of Eiffel at sunset….it may just change your mind.

    1. i know it is a shame really i would have like too, just wasn’t comftable being there, needed support from people i knew! But i may be going to live there soon with my sister :D:D yey! So hopefully will be visiting Paris lots and lots!

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