write on your mugs!


I saw these mugs on the tipjunkie website and had to tell you about them! i think they are soooo cool 🙂 Heres how to do it! Very nice for little presents for people.

I also like the idea of doing Mr Men characters on the mugs for your friends 😀

Everyone has a favorite mug.  I decided to make a mug for each person so they will always know which mug is theirs.  Mustaches and lips are popular these days so I used those and added the Mrs. & Mrs.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the design.  Then I used the transfer tape to grab the vinyl and adhered it on to the mugs.

The vinyl I used is removable so these mugs need to be hand-washed.  

Next time you see a plain dish, cup or decorative item, get creative and personalize it.  You will have a unique item that you can’t buy in stores!


5 thoughts on “write on your mugs!

    1. they are.. I created “may the best house wins” Mugs for my mum as she was on the tv show a month ago. They turned out really well and i gave them to all the contestants!! 🙂

      1. I don’t know really!! what’s trading spaces? lol. It shows in the UK in Feb.. so quite a while away yet! 😦 cant wait to see it tho!! xxx

      2. Oh, fab. Trading Spaces is a show where neighbors go to each others homes to redecorate a room over a weekend with the help of a designer. There’s an American version and a BBC version. It’s crazy what they do. 🙂

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