BUNTING MAD! (im going to make lots) :)

how to make bunting How To Make Bunting!


Ever wanted to know how to make bunting? Here’s how!

I’ve never made bunting before but I’ve always wanted to have a go and thought it’d look cool at my Renegade stall to have a bunting name banner. It looked pretty simple to make and guess what… it was! I screen printed mine but you can use patterned fabrics, applique techniques or stenciles etc to make a super pretty decoration. I’m planning on making some more for Christmas, too, and shaking it up a bit so it’s not sickeningly twee or from the Cath Kidston school of ‘craft’.


Fabric (I used polycotton for the backs and cotton for the front)
Bias binding (I used 3cm wide bias binding)
A sewing machine



cut bunting triangles How To Make Bunting!


Cut out your triangles. These can be whatever size you want for your bunting, keep in mind that you’ll be sewing up the sides so will lose some from each side seam! The easiest way to make all your triangles the same size is to create a cardboard  template.


pin together How To Make Bunting!



sew down each side How To Make Bunting!


Sew your triangles together. In between these two stages I screen printed the letters, so if you were going to stencil or applique something on them then do it before your sew the two sides together. Pin the front and back pieces of fabrics together (right sides facing each other) and sew up the side seams.


use a knitting needle How To Make Bunting!


Turn the triangles the right way around, use a knitting needle to poke the bottom corner right out. I also trimmed away some of the seam to make it easier to turn the corner out. After turning them the right way around you need to iron the seams so that it sits flatter.


fold bias in half How To Make Bunting!


Pin the triangles centrally inside the folded-over bias binding with whatever space between the triangles as you want, so long as it’s equal between them all. Leave a good length of bias binding at each end for tying/pinning your bunting up.


sew to bias binding How To Make Bunting!


Sew along the edge of the bias binding, making sure that the line of stitching is neat neat neat.


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