Im Back From Marrakesh! :)

Hey everyone! so sorry i have not posted ive been on my holidays. I went to sunny Morocco and it was lovely 🙂

Well… It wasnt lovely seeing what people have to live like over there. It just makes you realise what you have got back at home tbh. It was quite upsetting seeing people route though the bins for some food, just sitting in empty spaces with nothing around them. They were obsessed with haggling and there favourite phrase was “good deal, fair price, because i like English people!” But we had a good time overall, the Hotel was very pretty and clean. We stayed at the Tishka Hotel. Four stars and it was really nice.



Here are a few photos that i took :


Me with a monkey! Yes it may seem cool but it was a pretty bad experience  The man who had the monkey wasn’t very friendly to say the least and nearly ended up in a fight with my dad! :S.. and the monkey had a nappy on and a chain.. not very nice. But i’m glad to have hugged him 🙂


Lots of olives, don’t know how they managed to keep them piled up!!


The lovely beach we went to on a day trip. 🙂 Gorgeous day out. Took 2 and a half hours to get there but well worth it. 


Back streets of Marrakesh


The women making agar oils. It is their speciality in Morocco  I bought some jasmine oil for my hair 🙂 Very nice place and it was wonderful seeing them hand make the oils.


Outskirts of Marrakesh  Not a nice place. We strolled up at the top of a hill and looked down onto this… Rubbish everywhere, dead animals.. alive starving animals… Then we got a crowd of children all in awe that we were English and so white! haha! They were all trying to communicate with us(hard as they were Arabic . Just wish something could be done about the conditions they are living in.. 😦

Anyway. I nice place to visit. If your thinking of going and want some more pics just email me! xx




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