Button Ornaments!! All ready for Christmas

Here’s everything you’ll need:

-styrofoam balls. (not just any – you’ll want the heavier duty ones like these because you’ll be
using hot glue or a strong liquid glue & you don’t want it to crumble or melt.
you can get whatever size you want. the size of the ornmanet is up to you. I’ve made ALL sizes, this one being my favorite)
-pins with round heads on them (you can get these in colors anywhere, not just white.)
-buttons (whatever color, theme, size you desire)
-ribbon (for the top of your ball)
-ornament hooks (get the longer ones. the short ones are a pain in the patook!)
-hot glue gun OR strong liquid adhesive (I used my glue gun)
1)  I found it’s easier to start placing  your buttons, using pins to hold them in place
(either 1 pin or 2, whatever seems most secure in your opinion) 
in a circle around the middle of your ball & keep adding buttons on top
of that row and below that row until your ornament is covered.
You WILL see white spaces between your buttons. (styrofoam)
which is totally preferential.
Either leave them that way or layer on top of other buttons as I did.
(see in first ball)


2)  continue to fill your ornament by using pins to place buttons
all over the styrofoam ball and be sure to leave an empty space at the top of your
ornament, about the size of a dime (this will be for the hook & ribbon). 
You might need to fill in some of the white when all is done, that’s totally ok.
The size of your ribbon will depend on this.
3)  once your ornament is completely covered (except for the empty spot as described),
you can now take a pair of scissors & dig a small hole.
Place hot glue in the hole & quickly add your hook.
-you can either wait for your hot glue to dry THEN tie your ribbon around the hook  – OR
-go ahead and adhere your bow (that’s been previously tied) on the top, in front of the hook .



4)  there really doesn’t need to be a step 4, because you’re DONE. **Yay!!**
BUT if you decide here you want to go back and layer more buttons
on top of buttons, go ahead.

It’s YOUR ornament, make it any way you desire.








^^^^ This is from an amazing website. She is so talented, i LOVE her cards!! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Button Ornaments!! All ready for Christmas

  1. They look so good! There’s all sorts of things you can do with buttons… That’s why I love them 🙂


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