Art Journals.

Art Journals.

Does anyone else art journal?? i used to do it to get me through some tough times and take my mind off what was happening.,. dont really do it much anymore but i think im gonna start! 🙂 Post links to your journals here 🙂


8 thoughts on “Art Journals.

  1. Do you mean that you make the common cover into art or that you find journals & write in them? This one is stunning. I do hope you made it & I think you should make more! -amy

    1. Hey! thanks for your comment. This is one ive made myself, i just get a4 sized hardback books and decorate them like i have done with this one. Most of them have words on them that are quite personal but a few are mainly just pictures/paint. i have lots more, Do you think i should add more photos of them?? xx

      1. I think you should start doing this on canvas & plan on having a show. I would put personal photos on them if they are just for you, but it looks like you have a gift. Canvas!

    1. i bet its not boring!! im just obsessed with colour.. lol. do you post any of your art on your blog, i couldnt see any.. your blog is amazing by the way!! gonna have a proper search through it all now! 🙂 xx

      1. I don’t really post my sketches unless they relate to my sewing, most of them are just random still lifes or body parts. Your use of colour is great! I enjoyed looking through your blog too!

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