Sorting out. :)

Hey,.. Well this week ive been sorting out some of my old craft bits and bobs that i have stored over the years!! Its really nice to see some of the things that you come across . i didn’t even know i had half of the stuff i found! 🙂 So that was a nice surprise.

So this is my fabric box.. chucked everything out on the floor and rifled through it!!..



Then made lovely neat(ish) piles to tuck away back in the box!




Then tried to tackle my button box. I found loads of clasps, hooks to make some jewellery

 out of so that was good!


I then put things up in my room to make it look pretty. 🙂 Such as a lovely scarf i found which would contrast well on my white walls.



🙂 Why dont you have a clear out? It might seem tedious but its well worth it when you find lots of goodies!!! A good way to start February i think!! 



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