Zippered Throw Pillow

Zippered Throw Pillow

Materials Needed…
Fabric of your choice -amount depends on the size of your pillow *see note below
A pillow form – can be found at most craft and fabric stores, the ones I used are from Ikea
Pins (you know the kind with the little ball on the end ūüôā
Thread – preferably to match the color of your fabric
Tape Measure
An “all purpose” zipper – the length should be about 4″ shorter then your total pillow width
An Iron
and of course…A sewing machine
*If you are unsure how many yards of fabric to buy…I would purchase 1/2yard for a 16″ pillow form or smaller, and a full yard if your pillow form is larger then 16″ in diameter.

Step 1.¬†Determine¬†the size of your pillow (by looking at the tag) or measuring with a tape¬†measure. Cut your fabric 1″ larger then the dimension of you pillow in both height and width. My pillow was 19″ x 19″ so I cut two pieces of fabric 20″ x 20″

Step 2. Take both of your fabric squares and lay them together so that the 4 sides line up perfectly (or in my case sort of perfectly). Make sure the pattern side of your fabric is facing in, so you will only see the backside of your fabric.

Step 3. Center you zipper in the top section of your fabric. Place a pin in the fabric where the zipper pull starts and the metal stop ends…as shown below…
Step 4. Now sew your fabric about 1/2″ down from the top edge until you hit the pin (which marks the stopping point). Do this to both sides of your fabric.¬†Be sure to¬†back-stitch¬†a little at the¬†beginning and end of the sewn seam¬†for a stronger hold.
Step 5. Now, iron down the open seam (the same one you just sewed) about 1/2″ all the way down the fabric.¬†



Step 6. Place your zipper face down on the newly ironed fold. Pin the zipper down so it will stay in place while you sew it on. 
Step 7. Now for the¬†scary¬†part…which is really not so scary.
Sew the zipper to your fabric starting at the edge that does Not have the actual zipper pull. Pull the pins out of the fabric as you sew and make sure to once again back-stick at the start and end. STOP before you get to the end (actually you sort of have to because the zipper pull will be in the way).
Step 8. When you get to the zipper pull, lift up the presser foot and zip the zipper back a couple of inches. Put the presser foot back in place & keep sewing where you left off until you reach the end of the fabric. 
Step 9. Now pin around your entire pillow, making sure the end corners meet together nicely.
( I somehow forgot to take a pic. of all of my pins, so I photoshopped them in ūüôā
¬†Step 10. Sew all the way around your pillow (except for the side with the zipper). To do this, start at any corner of your pillow and sew about a 1/2″ seam all the way down until you hit the next corner. Now lift up the presser foot (leave in the needle, woops…don’t look at the pictures to closely!) and turn the fabric 90 degrees. Then put the presser foot back down ¬†and keep sewing. (do this at all corners).





Step 11. Cut the corners of your newly sewn pillow case, but don’t cut into your stitch lines. Removing this extra fabric will make your finished pillow case corners look smoother.
Step 12. Fold your pillow case right-side-out and insert pillow form. 



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