Try This: Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitations

Hot Air Balloon Invite


Try This: Hot Air Balloon cards 

Hot Air Balloon Invite


MATERIALS: Card Stock, Blank Cards, Craft Knife, Circle Punch, Craft Glue, Cute Fonts, Home Printer

Hot Air Balloon Invite


ONE: Begin by designing a simple invitation in your word processing program that measures about 1/4″ less all the way around than your blank cards.  For example, my blank cards were 4″ x 6″, so I designed an invitation 3.5″ x 5.5″.  You can accomplish this by manipulating your margins in page set-up. Print them out on card stock, and cut out using scissors or a craft knife.

For my fonts, I used Sail Away and Josefin Sans Std.

Hot Air Balloon Invite
TWO:  On the front of each blank card, either hand draw or print the basket for your hot air balloon (maybe some birds, too!).  I used this little graphic that I made up (right click on the image to save if you’d like to use it, too) and fed my cards through the printer. 

Hot Air Balloon Invite
Hot Air Balloon Invite
THREE: In the inside of each blank card, mark and cut a diagonal slot about a 1/2″ long in each of the four corners, and slip your invitations inside.

Hot Air Balloon Invite
FOUR: Use your circle punch to punch out a whole bunch of circles from your card stock.  You’ll need four for each card.  I did two in each color for each of my cards.

Hot Air Balloon Invite
FIVE: Fold each of the circles in half.  To get a clean fold, use the back of the craft knife to score a line down the middle.

Hot Air Balloon Invite

SIX: Glue four of the folded circles together without actually closing the sphere.  See that blue one and that yellow one on each side of my big finger?  Yeah, those are the ones you don’t want to glue together.

Hot Air Balloon Invite


SEVEN: Remember those edges you didn’t glue together in the last step?  Now put glue all over them, and affix it to the li’l basket on the front of your card.  You’re done!  I also took those cute fonts to the envelope by printing everyone’s names and addresses, too. 

Hot Air Balloon Invite


Hot Air Balloon Invite

Hot Air Balloon Invite
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