Making money at home during Isolation

I have always been quite savvy with making my own money. I’ve had a varied life full of different jobs

Nursery nurse, Dental nurse, retail assistant, admin at a prison!!, cafe worker, crafter (self employed) teaching assistant… the list goes on! I’ve loved all of them in different ways – but my health has always made me not ben able to do some of these long term which is a shame. my crafts have been a lifesaver and yes… i dont make much money from it but i would rather do this then roll around in a Jag! Anyway… here are some tips and tricks to make a bit of money in your spare time. I have done these kind of things for a few years now and it has made me thousands of pounds… from Surveys, market research, focus groups, mystery shopping, walking/receipt loading apps, voucher codes, cashback sites.

Yes it might look like a lot of work but once you get in the habit of doing them, it becomes your norm.. so when walking i can do a couple of surveys – my facebook as market research pages pinned to the top so i can see the research needed straight away. here are some sites i use which i will be updating. Also if you know of anymore please comment and i will add them!!

making money freelance …

Focus groups

FOCUS FORCE – Good company to apply for groups that are mainly done through zoom now. You will get email notifications

Angelfish – lots of focus groups – well paid

Take part in research lots of focus groups around north east and yorkshire mainly – good pay

RESPONDENT – – a company that pays respondents to help researchers with their studies. The research projects vary from week to week but most studies can be done from home on your pc.

GRASSROOTS – I have had around 10 jobs with this site, and have earned around 60 pounds. Its a good site, but very detailed and if you get something wrong, you will not get payed.

SAROS – You get emailed jobs – very rarely, but you have to apply for the job which is normally  a discussion panel or similar. A very high payer though if you get accepted, you typically get £30 to £100 for two hours’ work.


PAID FOCUS GROUP - – This is quite new to me and i mainly use the app – simple focus groups you can apply for

PEOPLE FOR RESEARCH – Another focus group site to sign up to as they will email you with groups to apply to.

CODE RESEARCH – New to me at the moment but there looks to be several groups you can apply to!


FIELD AGENT – easy app to download – quick paying with small jobs that pop up every now and then. its good just to have on your phone to complete little mystery shops which normally entail taking a few photos of specific products in certain shops. Pay is between £4-12

ESA RETAIL – this is a good website that i have just recently started using the last year. I really like it, i get good local visits and have got a lot of free things such as chocolate from Thorntons, free food shopping, train tickets and more. You get a refund of your purchase(taking a photo of your receipt) and then you also get a little extra money for your time.

AMBER ARCH :// – mystery shopping – only availble onn the website – bit of a slow burner but good to check now and then! I only use this on my laptop.

Market Force – I have been on this site for years and it is my favourite. I have earned quite a lot from this site and have visited places such as Next, William Hill, Restaurants, Bowling, Greggs, Prett, Superdrug and lots more! Again, you get to keep the purchase and then get money added for your time. I like this one as lots of jobs get added and every time you complete a job, you get points and the more points you have, the more jobs you can do. 🙂

Survey Sites
good survey site


CREDIT CARDS WITH REWARDS PROGRAMS – Curve Cashback Card – Load your credit card onto the Curve app and they will offer 1% cashback on selected retailers on top of your existing bonus. It’s a secure app and contactless mastercard that offers rewards and added functionality when you buy something. Here’s everything you need to know about Curve and how to get yourself £5 free when you sign up and use your card for the first time.

You need to select Curve Rewards on the app as your preferred payment method. Then purchases on the card will use any bonus money/cashback that you’ve earned. You can use your earned cashback to make any purchase instantly, just remember to select ‘rewards’ as your payment method.

AIR REWARDS APP – Join 1 million members reducing their mobile bill just by shopping at Boots, Greggs, Primark, Wilko and many more. Free. Secure. Simple.

My referal code is – 83GAKT6T

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