DIY Dining Plate

Just drew this on one of my plain plates. I used a sharpie marker pen(thick) and just started to doodle. As always animals came to my mind first, so we have a bird and a butterfly!! Now im going to pop them in the oven for a little while just on a low temp toContinue reading “DIY Dining Plate”


Just got some polystyrene from the apples I bought so thought I would give stencilling another go!! I’m gonna keep practicing so I get better and better at it because I like the effects you can make and also my mum bought me loads of ink stamps for Christmas so I need to use them!!!Continue reading “Experimenting”

Wire Wrapped Tree

Wire Wrapped Tree A great project to try that looks absolutely stunning!!! This was a very fun project for me.  I have a friend getting married this October in the desert.  I had been thinking I wanted to make a little family tree for her, and with the contest theme being “beads” – I wasContinue reading “Wire Wrapped Tree”

Wreaths (very cheap)

magazine wreath Magazine wreath with paper mache birds. I wanted this wreath to resemble a bird’s nest. I cut strips from magazines, curled them with a scissors and glued them to a wreath form. The birds are also made from magazines using a special paper mache recipe. This is the reason I’ll be doing aContinue reading “Wreaths (very cheap)”

Homemade Jam :)

Our Lovely home-made Raspberry Jam!! I’ve never made jam before but thought id give it ago because we had masses growing in the garden… 1.5kg of the little berries! We (me and my step-dad Graeme) Looked up the recipe and found a really simple one on The next day we were on a mission to get all the equipmentContinue reading “Homemade Jam :)”

Easy to make bags

 These bold, stylish prints are sophisticated without being serious and come in a rich palette of colors perfect for fall. I added some sturdy contrasting cotton webbing handles for a pop of color, and I love the way they came out! The new materials are as follows: Materials: To make one tote bag: 1/2- yard of Outside OsloContinue reading “Easy to make bags”

Badge Holders For Workers :)

This is what you’ll need: A small amount of  leftover fabric {or you can use some cool ribbon},  the lanyard {a little bit over a yard} you can buy it at your local Fabric Store, glue gun, scissors, a key ring {I used the one from my old holder} and  Fray Block {optional} You can even use an old badge holder and just give it aContinue reading “Badge Holders For Workers :)”

Chickens to the rescue!

Hey! Well ive just finished making my first chicken from the tutorial and im already onto making my second. I really like them, I like the way you can make them as funky as you want by adding different fabrics. The hardest part was sewing it all up at the end because the legs and feet have to beContinue reading “Chickens to the rescue!”

Applique owls Tutorial

Applique owls Nicola Smith from Table View made wall art by covering a canvas block in an appliqué owl design. You will need • 40 x 40cm cotton print fabric or shweshwe, for appliqué background • assorted cotton fabric remnants and felt offcuts • matching coloured thread • 20 x 20cm box canvas • assortedContinue reading “Applique owls Tutorial”

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