Quilted Birdhouse and Birds! :)

You will need the following items to construct the birdhouse: – Scrap pieces of patterned cotton fabric – if you are buying the fabric you will want no more than ¼ yard of each pattern.– 4 or 5 sheets of felt– 4 bundles of thread– Scrap batting – if you are purchasing the batting youContinue reading “Quilted Birdhouse and Birds! :)”

10 quick ways to revamp your hairstyle in 10 mins

Having fabulous hair takes a lot of effort, in fact dragging yourself out of bed and into the shower to wash last night’s antics out of your hair, can feel like a mammoth task. For those mornings when you have no time, will-power or hot water to make something out of your bed-head: here areContinue reading “10 quick ways to revamp your hairstyle in 10 mins”


Try This: Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitations     Try This: Hot Air Balloon cards    MATERIALS: Card Stock, Blank Cards, Craft Knife, Circle Punch, Craft Glue, Cute Fonts, Home Printer   ONE: Begin by designing a simple invitation in your word processing program that measures about 1/4″ less all the way around thanContinue reading “TRY THIS: HOT AIR BALLOON BABY SHOWER INVITATIONS”


Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins.  I love Embroidery and think people can create such wonderful things using it. I’ve embellished a few tops in my time when i was super bored and wanted to take my mind off things!!     ^^^A waistcoat that was very plainContinue reading “Embroidery”

Hi! Update!!

Hi all! Just thought i’d update you on all thats been going on in Gembobs Crafts. Well first my cat gave birth and we have a new little kitten! He is called CJ and is sooo mega cute! He has been helping me with me sewing!! aww!! 🙂 and we have a new puppy.. also very cute.  Continue reading “Hi! Update!!”


Been very productive these past couple of days. *Took new photos with a white background of all the crafts i have got in stock. Uploaded them on my Etsy Site!! 🙂 *Been thinking of new ideas.. what to make next.. starting to make funky cushions to sell *Bought some very expensive pinking shears for myContinue reading “Happy!!”

Zippered Throw Pillow

Zippered Throw PillowMaterials Needed…Fabric of your choice -amount depends on the size of your pillow *see note belowA pillow form – can be found at most craft and fabric stores, the ones I used are from IkeaPins (you know the kind with the little ball on the end 🙂Thread – preferably to match the colorContinue reading “Zippered Throw Pillow”

Rustic Pencil Holder

Reblogged From http://strawberry-chic.blogspot.co.uk I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in through rustic or organic design elements. Which is why I was thrilled when my husband made me this wooden pencil holder. The piece of wood is one that his friend found by a river bank. My husband just added a few holes to it,Continue reading “Rustic Pencil Holder”

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