Try This: Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitations     Try This: Hot Air Balloon cards    MATERIALS: Card Stock, Blank Cards, Craft Knife, Circle Punch, Craft Glue, Cute Fonts, Home Printer   ONE: Begin by designing a simple invitation in your word processing program that measures about 1/4″ less all the way around thanContinue reading “TRY THIS: HOT AIR BALLOON BABY SHOWER INVITATIONS”


Been very productive these past couple of days. *Took new photos with a white background of all the crafts i have got in stock. Uploaded them on my Etsy Site!! 🙂 *Been thinking of new ideas.. what to make next.. starting to make funky cushions to sell *Bought some very expensive pinking shears for myContinue reading “Happy!!”

Baby Elephant

I have just completed my first baby-grow customised animal! I received a few baby-grows from a mum who wanted them making into an elephant so she has something to keep that is quite cute! It took me a while to do because the material is very stretchy so the elephant turned out larger then what i was expecting! I embroidered Oscars name andContinue reading “Baby Elephant”

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