Hi! Update!!

Hi all! Just thought i’d update you on all thats been going on in Gembobs Crafts.

Well first my cat gave birth and we have a new little kitten! He is called CJ and is sooo mega cute! He has been helping me with me sewing!!

Imageaww!! 🙂 and we have a new puppy.. also very cute.


Anyway! the reason i haven’t been posting much is because ive recently got quite a few orders so i’ve been sourcing out some new colour specific fabrics, and i’ve lent my grandmas sewing machine because she has a zipper foot because i’ve been making cushions at last! finished me first one the other day yey!! 



haha my sewing table!!! 😀 ive got white cotton on one and black on the other 😛 lazy i know!!

Also… completely random but look at the size of the eggs we have been getting from out chickens…Image

wow! hope your all okay and been crafting alot!

byee x

New Items fresh off the sewing machine! :P


I love making these chickens. Yes they are abit fiddly but you can customise them so much. I have never done the same two chickens yet. 🙂 This one is soon to be sent away to its new home!!







Ive also been doing other bits and bobs, heres a preview of whats coming next!!





Just a few things, with the birds im going to do bird mobiles. Make lots and lots of different ones and string them all together and put pretty beads in between!! 🙂 Hopefully it will look pretty. Ive just bought a book off amazon, All Sewn Up. Its fab!! A real Gem of a book really with lots of tips and ideas to try.



My little cheeky monkey of a sister got her hands on it and has drew on quite a few of the pages… the day i got it as well!! She likes to draw ‘circles’… 😛


Chickens to the rescue!

Hey! Well ive just finished making my first chicken from the tutorial and im already onto making my second. I really like them, I like the way you can make them as funky as you want by adding different fabrics.

The hardest part was sewing it all up at the end because the legs and feet have to be tucked inside and they do kind of get in the way!

Here are some pictures of the process and the finished product!

First i cut out the pieces from the template i printed out(on my other chicken tutorial)

I then sewed the eyes on using a close together zigzag stitch on my sewing machine





I then sewed together the other bits and bobs and turned them the right way, i used felt for the feet and beak. I attached the feet to the legs using a zigzag stitch and stuffed them.



Then came the tricky part of sewing around the edge whilst keeping the feet inside! But i did it in the end and then stuffed the chicken with paxo(joke… im a vegetarian..) and walahhh! You have a chicken! And you can call her whatever you want. You could even make some eggs to go along with it.




Chickens!!! How to make them

This is my new project for the weekend. Making these lovely chickens! 😀 I love chickens i have some in my garden so im going to make some stuffed ones.
Heres how to do it :
If you do make some of these please post some pics on here i would love to see them! 
chickens feat


You will need
• templates (see below)
• cotton fabric in assorted colours and designs (for the body)
• felt (for feet and comb)
• matching coloured sewing thread
• stranded embroidery thread
• 2 buttons, for eyes
• polyester stuffing

Chicken pattern 1

Chicken pattern 2

To make
1 NOTE The seam allowances are all 1cm, except for the seam-free felt pieces. Download the template and use it to cut out all the body parts from assorted fabrics.
2 Sew the wings, legs and beak with right sides facing, remembering to leave openings in the seams to turn them right sides out.
3 Use a zigzag stitch to attach the felt feet to the leg pieces.
4 Use a zigzag stitch to attach the outer and inner eye pieces to the body piece of the chicken.
5 Sew buttons on as eyes and decorate the outer eyes, body and comb with embroidery stitches, if you prefer.
6 Stuff the chicken legs and turn the beak and wings right side out.
7 Pin the various body parts in place, facing in towards the body. Sandwich the legs between the body and belly parts and sew the belly to the body part.
Pin the body pieces to each other with right sides facing and stitch together, leaving an opening at the back.
9 Turn the chicken right side out through the opening and stuff.
10 Hand stitch the seam closed.