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Etsyyyy for Your extra special Christmas Pressies!!

Etsyyyy for Your extra special Christmas Pressies!!

Hi guys, well.. its the 25th of November and christmas is close. Have you got your Christmas presents sorted out?? You may have seen lots of advertising for ‘Not on the high street’… Which is fab! But!!! Its very expensive and sometimes limited.

Etsy is brilliant and not advertised enough in my opinion. It has lots of different items for sale and you can pick up soooo many bargains. A lot of my friends sell on there too!! So head over there and grab some things for christmas.

Happy Shopping! By the way my friends Etsy sites are here if you wanted to take a look.

Christmas time!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I can’t believe all this hype, stress, money, worry and it’s all over.. God. Another hour left. I’m at work at six tomorrow morning so really I should be in bed snoozing but hey. It’s been a lovely day. I hope you all have had a good day too. Can’t wait for next year woo bring it on!!! Haha !!
For lots of craft things for Christmas so hopefully ill be making lots of new things to add to my website yey!! Bye bye I’m going to bed.