How to Buy fabric on EBAY!

Buying Fabric on eBay   If you’re a crafty little wench like me, you may be partial to a wee spot o’ fabric buying. Ahh there be nothin’ like wandering around a haberdashers running your fingers through fabric and buttons. Mmmm buttons. Whilst getting out there and seeing the stuff for real is the bestContinue reading “How to Buy fabric on EBAY!”

Chickens to the rescue!

Hey! Well ive just finished making my first chicken from the tutorial and im already onto making my second. I really like them, I like the way you can make them as funky as you want by adding different fabrics. The hardest part was sewing it all up at the end because the legs and feet have to beContinue reading “Chickens to the rescue!”

Applique owls Tutorial

Applique owls Nicola Smith from Table View made wall art by covering a canvas block in an appliqué owl design. You will need • 40 x 40cm cotton print fabric or shweshwe, for appliqué background • assorted cotton fabric remnants and felt offcuts • matching coloured thread • 20 x 20cm box canvas • assortedContinue reading “Applique owls Tutorial”

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