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Back from Paris!

Well I’m back in the lovely York now, it’s been an amazing two weeks I have enjoyed it so much and havnt stopped! My favourite things that I did in Paris were:

  • National History Museum, just beautiful grounds and the zoo is fab
  • Centre of Pompidou, saw amazing works by Kandinsky and Klee!!
  • The Louvre, obviously amazing but the outside grounds and the funky pyramid glass statues are gorgeous
  • Wondering around all the pretty streets, walking along the river and seeing the Notre dame and other pretty buildings.

So that’s my favourite things that I did but obviously everyone is different and likes different things etc.

I’m quite glad I’m going back because I havnt been able to do anything crafty in TWO WEEKS. I am actually getting withdrawals now because I normally sew everyday. I don’t know what other people do? On the evening like what do you do when you havnt got any crafts to do???

I’ve got five orders from etsy to make, a bag to send, and two people have requested some handmade curtains for me to make so I’m gonna get straight into the orders. I’ve been updating my SEO on my etsy site so hopefully that will help as well.

Kind of want to make other animals but not sure which ones? What are you favourite cushions in my shop and what would you like to see more of?

Bye bye bloggers!!



Been very productive these past couple of days.
*Took new photos with a white background of all the crafts i have got in stock. Uploaded them on my Etsy Site!! 🙂
*Been thinking of new ideas.. what to make next.. starting to make funky cushions to sell
*Bought some very expensive pinking shears for my crafts.. i like to know that my items will not wear away and fray so i think it is a good investment
*got a knock on my door earlier for a massive order of elephants and babygrow elephants which i LOVE to make 🙂
Yey so things are going good in the world of crafts.

If you have any suggestions on what to make next.. please email me and have a look at my website..

thanks for reading guys!!!

Bow Belt Tutorial

We’re always looking for fun ways to add embellishments and touches of color to our outfits especially in the winter when we tend to get bored with everything and anything.

With bows being fiercely back in style, what better way than with a bright bow belt! You can pick any color for this but we’d recommend something solid and cotton. You’ll need a simple snap as well to hand stitch on. The measurements for the three pieces you’ll need to make are in the directions below.

Measure your waist (over a  thin shirt) and add 2 inches to that length. The width for everyone is 5”.  If your waist is 28”, for example, you’d cut a piece of fabric 30” x 5”. Cutting on the bias will give you a little stretch which is beneficial when making a belt.
Iron your piece after cutting.

Making the belt: Fold in half the long way and sew along the long side. Leave both shorter ends open for now.

Fold over one open end and hand stitch one side of the snap into the inside.
Now sew that opening shut (the belt is still inside out).

Flip right side out now.

Once it’s right side out, measure it around your waist. The short side that is sewn shut should have the snap on the outside now. Mark with a pencil where the second snap should be. It will be underneath the other piece so you won’t have to worry about the stitches or hem showing.

Now sew the second snap on through both pieces. Trim the end, fold and sew along the fold.
Making the bow: For the bow cut a piece of fabric 6” x 10”. Fold in half and sew along the long side. Iron the seam flat.

Turn it inside out and move the seam to the middle. Iron flat.

Sew the ends together as shown.

Making the Middle Band: The middle of the bow is a piece of fabric 3” x 4 ½”. Fold it in half and sew as you’ve done the other two pieces. Turn inside out as well.

Take this small piece and fold it around the middle of the band. Sew where you’re pinching, you want it tight but you’ll be sliding the bow in it, so not very tight.

Pinch the bow and pull it through the middle band  you’ve just sewed together.

Straighten and fluff your bow!

Snap around your favorite dress or shirt for an instant stylish accessory!

BUNTING MAD! (im going to make lots) :)

how to make bunting How To Make Bunting!


Ever wanted to know how to make bunting? Here’s how!

I’ve never made bunting before but I’ve always wanted to have a go and thought it’d look cool at my Renegade stall to have a bunting name banner. It looked pretty simple to make and guess what… it was! I screen printed mine but you can use patterned fabrics, applique techniques or stenciles etc to make a super pretty decoration. I’m planning on making some more for Christmas, too, and shaking it up a bit so it’s not sickeningly twee or from the Cath Kidston school of ‘craft’.


Fabric (I used polycotton for the backs and cotton for the front)
Bias binding (I used 3cm wide bias binding)
A sewing machine



cut bunting triangles How To Make Bunting!


Cut out your triangles. These can be whatever size you want for your bunting, keep in mind that you’ll be sewing up the sides so will lose some from each side seam! The easiest way to make all your triangles the same size is to create a cardboard  template.


pin together How To Make Bunting!



sew down each side How To Make Bunting!


Sew your triangles together. In between these two stages I screen printed the letters, so if you were going to stencil or applique something on them then do it before your sew the two sides together. Pin the front and back pieces of fabrics together (right sides facing each other) and sew up the side seams.


use a knitting needle How To Make Bunting!


Turn the triangles the right way around, use a knitting needle to poke the bottom corner right out. I also trimmed away some of the seam to make it easier to turn the corner out. After turning them the right way around you need to iron the seams so that it sits flatter.


fold bias in half How To Make Bunting!


Pin the triangles centrally inside the folded-over bias binding with whatever space between the triangles as you want, so long as it’s equal between them all. Leave a good length of bias binding at each end for tying/pinning your bunting up.


sew to bias binding How To Make Bunting!


Sew along the edge of the bias binding, making sure that the line of stitching is neat neat neat.