Decorating jam jars

My friend asked me to put some pretty fabric on the jam she had just made from her garden!!! I don’t know what type it is… Something dark red anyway… :/ what do you guys think?? I was going to wait for her to label it, she might like to do that bit herself!! ūüôā yum yum xx



Homemade Jam :)

Our Lovely¬†home-made¬†Raspberry Jam!! I’ve never made jam before but thought id give it ago because we had masses growing in the garden… 1.5kg of the little berries! We (me and my¬†step-dad¬†Graeme) Looked up the recipe and found a really simple one on¬† The next day we were on a mission to get all the equipment and¬†ingredients¬†together and start the task!!! It only took about 30minutes to do with the help of¬†Millie¬†my little sister flinging red sauce all over the place(beware.. it does stain). And there we have it, our very own raspberry jam in little pots and one giant pot that Graeme bought. It is¬†absolutely¬†BEAUTIFUL if i may say so myself! Very very cheap as well¬†because¬†you get a lot of jam out of it.¬† Go on… make some!!!! You wont regret it.