silhouette pendant necklaces

hope your mother’s day was lovely ♥
i just want to say how touched i am 
the love & sweet words that flooded my email & comments were so kind!
the thought that you all would love my little space so much was amazing…
i can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve done with new ideas
(oh, and for those who asked about plans for the table construction…
the hubs is going to work something up for me, 
since he did have graph paper plans and i’ve since lost them! yikes…
i’ll try to put something up within the next week)
my girlfriend made beautiful pendants with silhouettes of her two daughters 
inspired from pinterest … and i knew when i saw them i wanted to give them a try!
(which is simple to use once you get a feel for it)
i made my girls’ silhouettes and added vintage flower graphics from here
i made one for myself and another for my mom
though these would really be a sweet gift for any occasion
pendants are from Hobby Lobby
chains were from Joanns
skipping the top coats over the faces resulted in the dimensional magic seeping through my paper, leaving blotchy marks that were not cute…shoulda taken a pic for you to see 😦
i would say do 2-3 coats taking care to go right up to the edges (don’t worry it all dries clear)
this was my first time experimenting with dimensional magic…it’s well…magic!
in the top pic you can see the sheen from just the mod podge, the second shows the 
D-magic…it applies very cloudy, but also dries clear…
the package recommends 3 hours drying time
i left mine overnight and noticed in the a.m. that when it dries it sorta shrinks
you can keep adding layers of dimensional magic until you’re happy with how it looks…
i was going for a beveled/dome/more puffy effect 🙂
it will dry clear each time
the jump rings are optional…it can be hung directly from a link on the chain
to have the pendants lay more flat, put them on the ring, 
then add the ring to a link on your chain 
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Hoop Earrings

I adore this fun jewelry tutorial. I hope you do, too! -

I originally made a neon green version of these hoops for an 80’s Halloween party­–perfect under the black lights. When I went to pick colors for this tutorial, however, I pulled this more gentle color palette with a punch of black. I think it’s so lovely. These hoops are simple to make, yet such a fun splash of hand made in your wardrobe. Add the ability to customize every pair and you might just not be able to stop making them. I adore these little black and white ones.

These hoops make for a fabulous last minute, personalized gifts, too!  Here’s the tutorial:

Supplies needed:

  • Embroidery thread (I suggest DMC 6-strand floss for a smooth finish)
  • Inexpensive hoop earrings (I found these at Target)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

Cut 40” of chosen embroidery thread colors for a large hoop, less for smaller hoops. If you place the hoops in your ear before you start, it will help you decide where to change colors and place the majority of your design color work (remove hoop from ear before next step).

Start by placing a small bit of craft glue at the end of the hoop.  

Take desired embroidery thread colors and line them up parallel to the hoop, placing the end of the thread in the bit of glue. Choose the thread color you want to start with and begin wrapping it around the hoop…the other colors you aren’t using they go along for the ride (make sure they are being hidden by the thread color that you want to have showing). Keep wrapped thread snugly side-by-side so you can’t see the hoop or other colors underneath.

When you want to change colors, drop the first color parallel to the hoop and start wrapping with the next color you’d like. Repeat to change colors again. Change as many times as you’d like.  

When you get to the end, place another small bit of glue. Wrap thread directly over that glue, using your finger to wipe away any excess. Trim the embroidery thread colors that you are not using first as close to the hoop as possible. Then place a little extra glue to secure the remaining thread over the ends of the other colors, and trim excess. Repeat the finishing process on the other side of the wrapped hoop. Repeat full process for your other earring. Voila!

To create the striped earrings, simply wrap the embroidery threads together at the same time, as if they were one. Keep them in the same alignment as you wrap, and finish with the same process as used above.

So fast, easy and fun! Happy Hooping!