Hi! Update!!

Hi all! Just thought i’d update you on all thats been going on in Gembobs Crafts.

Well first my cat gave birth and we have a new little kitten! He is called CJ and is sooo mega cute! He has been helping me with me sewing!!

Imageaww!! 🙂 and we have a new puppy.. also very cute.


Anyway! the reason i haven’t been posting much is because ive recently got quite a few orders so i’ve been sourcing out some new colour specific fabrics, and i’ve lent my grandmas sewing machine because she has a zipper foot because i’ve been making cushions at last! finished me first one the other day yey!! 



haha my sewing table!!! 😀 ive got white cotton on one and black on the other 😛 lazy i know!!

Also… completely random but look at the size of the eggs we have been getting from out chickens…Image

wow! hope your all okay and been crafting alot!

byee x

New Animals!

New Animals!

I am making lots of new animals at the moment, so if your interested have a look at either my website or Etsy site! 🙂
Also if you have any suggestions on what animal i should make next.. Please say! Advise is always needed!!


Thought i would go abit jazzy with the colours and try out pink and green!! (even though they should never be seen!)

For sale – £ 9.49

🙂 they all come with little tags with names and personalities on.

And.. if you have an specifications of colours etc, then please don’t be shy and just ask, i am always happy to create anything you wish!

How to Make a Stuffed Owl Pillow

How to make the Owls! >>>
Supplies needed-
fabric scraps
sewing machine
needle and thread
iron/ironing board
Print your pattern and cut out the pieces. You’ll need two of everything except the beak.
Pick out your fabrics. Trace and cut out the front and back of your owl.
The rest of the pattern pieces can be sewn in place using the machine. add ribbon, lace to the wings for a nice effect 🙂 you can use any material you like to try and create one that is suited individually to your style.
Next sew on the eyes. Layer the second layer (white) of the eyes  first and then the black middle bits. then sew on the nose, I use zig-zag stitching to create more of an effect.
Pin the front of your owl and the back together with the back side of the fabrics showing. Sew a 1/4 inch seam around your owl leaving an opening at the bottom for turning and stuffing.
Turn your owl right side out. Make sure to use a pencil or some other pointy object to push the ears out. Stuff him and then sew your opening shut.