Hi! Update!!

Hi all! Just thought i’d update you on all thats been going on in Gembobs Crafts. Well first my cat gave birth and we have a new little kitten! He is called CJ and is sooo mega cute! He has been helping me with me sewing!! aww!! 🙂 and we have a new puppy.. also very cute.  Continue reading “Hi! Update!!”

How to Make a Stuffed Owl Pillow

How to make the Owls! >>> Supplies needed- fabric scraps scissors felt sewing machine needle and thread stuffing iron/ironing board Print your pattern and cut out the pieces. You’ll need two of everything except the beak. Pick out your fabrics. Trace and cut out the front and back of your owl. The rest of theContinue reading “How to Make a Stuffed Owl Pillow”

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