Etsyyyy for Your extra special Christmas Pressies!!

Etsyyyy for Your extra special Christmas Pressies!!

Hi guys, well.. its the 25th of November and christmas is close. Have you got your Christmas presents sorted out?? You may have seen lots of advertising for ‘Not on the high street’… Which is fab! But!!! Its very expensive and sometimes limited.

Etsy is brilliant and not advertised enough in my opinion. It has lots of different items for sale and you can pick up soooo many bargains. A lot of my friends sell on there too!! So head over there and grab some things for christmas.

Happy Shopping! By the way my friends Etsy sites are here if you wanted to take a look.



Been very productive these past couple of days.
*Took new photos with a white background of all the crafts i have got in stock. Uploaded them on my Etsy Site!! 🙂
*Been thinking of new ideas.. what to make next.. starting to make funky cushions to sell
*Bought some very expensive pinking shears for my crafts.. i like to know that my items will not wear away and fray so i think it is a good investment
*got a knock on my door earlier for a massive order of elephants and babygrow elephants which i LOVE to make 🙂
Yey so things are going good in the world of crafts.

If you have any suggestions on what to make next.. please email me and have a look at my website..

thanks for reading guys!!!

Mothers Day!

A really lovely day. Mothers are brilliant and should be appreciated. Spoil your mum today and do something lovely that she will thank you for.

It doesnt have to cost any money, give her a really long hug, cook her a meal, make her lots of cups of teas!! 🙂 Anything that you know she will like.

I have bought my mum a bunch of flowers (pictured: I also added some glitter too them… i love glitter!!) and some wine because i know she likes chilling out with a glass.

What are you doing for your mum??Image

My craft selling website.

My craft selling website.


Hi 🙂 Just wanted to remind all of you that i have developed over time my craft website where i sell my handmade goodies!! Have a look and see if there is anything that you fancy. The site is secure and safe to use.

I also have an Etsy site which i love.

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🙂 Thanks for reading! xx

Parcels and Packaging.

Here are some lovely packaging ideas that i thought i would share 🙂 I have been getting quite a few orders on Etsy lately and i am constantly on the look out for new ideas, how to make them pretty and lovely for people to receive! Here are a few :

wedding favor packaging via style me pretty

via sunday suppers

image by Rebecca Newport via 79 ideas

Beautiful soap packaging by Fringe Studio via Parcel Post

via mokkasin

via inspiration ave
via whipper berry

via Martha Stewart

via decor8

wrapping paper via love mae

via grey likes weddings

via pbj 4 life

via kitty baby love

Hovard Design identity via design work life

via project wedding

minimega design via via lottie loves

image by Jackie Wonders via style me pretty

via better homes & gardens


the wanderlust packaging:
Packages for friends:
A package I wrapped up for a swap I participated in.
Tied it with a little horse paper clip and twine:
Reverie Packaging:
oh, hello friend packaging:
Favorite items currently using on packaging:
rubber stamps, ribbon/lace/twine, key charms, wood tags,
random finds/vintage embellishments