10 quick ways to revamp your hairstyle in 10 mins

Having fabulous hair takes a lot of effort, in fact dragging yourself out of bed and into the shower to wash last night’s antics out of your hair, can feel like a mammoth task. For those mornings when you have no time, will-power or hot water to make something out of your bed-head: here areContinue reading “10 quick ways to revamp your hairstyle in 10 mins”

Hoop Earrings

I adore this fun jewelry tutorial. I hope you do, too! -http://www.creaturecomfortsblog.com/ I originally made a neon green version of these hoops for an 80’s Halloween party­–perfect under the black lights. When I went to pick colors for this tutorial, however, I pulled this more gentle color palette with a punch of black. I thinkContinue reading “Hoop Earrings”

Easy to make bags

 These bold, stylish prints are sophisticated without being serious and come in a rich palette of colors perfect for fall. I added some sturdy contrasting cotton webbing handles for a pop of color, and I love the way they came out! The new materials are as follows: Materials: To make one tote bag: 1/2- yard of Outside OsloContinue reading “Easy to make bags”

Badge Holders For Workers :)

This is what you’ll need: A small amount of  leftover fabric {or you can use some cool ribbon},  the lanyard {a little bit over a yard} you can buy it at your local Fabric Store, glue gun, scissors, a key ring {I used the one from my old holder} and  Fray Block {optional} You can even use an old badge holder and just give it aContinue reading “Badge Holders For Workers :)”

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