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Back from Paris!

Well I’m back in the lovely York now, it’s been an amazing two weeks I have enjoyed it so much and havnt stopped! My favourite things that I did in Paris were:

  • National History Museum, just beautiful grounds and the zoo is fab
  • Centre of Pompidou, saw amazing works by Kandinsky and Klee!!
  • The Louvre, obviously amazing but the outside grounds and the funky pyramid glass statues are gorgeous
  • Wondering around all the pretty streets, walking along the river and seeing the Notre dame and other pretty buildings.

So that’s my favourite things that I did but obviously everyone is different and likes different things etc.

I’m quite glad I’m going back because I havnt been able to do anything crafty in TWO WEEKS. I am actually getting withdrawals now because I normally sew everyday. I don’t know what other people do? On the evening like what do you do when you havnt got any crafts to do???

I’ve got five orders from etsy to make, a bag to send, and two people have requested some handmade curtains for me to make so I’m gonna get straight into the orders. I’ve been updating my SEO on my etsy site so hopefully that will help as well.

Kind of want to make other animals but not sure which ones? What are you favourite cushions in my shop and what would you like to see more of?

Bye bye bloggers!!

Chickens to the rescue!

Hey! Well ive just finished making my first chicken from the tutorial and im already onto making my second. I really like them, I like the way you can make them as funky as you want by adding different fabrics.

The hardest part was sewing it all up at the end because the legs and feet have to be tucked inside and they do kind of get in the way!

Here are some pictures of the process and the finished product!

First i cut out the pieces from the template i printed out(on my other chicken tutorial)

I then sewed the eyes on using a close together zigzag stitch on my sewing machine





I then sewed together the other bits and bobs and turned them the right way, i used felt for the feet and beak. I attached the feet to the legs using a zigzag stitch and stuffed them.



Then came the tricky part of sewing around the edge whilst keeping the feet inside! But i did it in the end and then stuffed the chicken with paxo(joke… im a vegetarian..) and walahhh! You have a chicken! And you can call her whatever you want. You could even make some eggs to go along with it.