Notre dame & The Eiffel Tower.

I’ve had two more full on days in beautiful Paris. There is so much to do which is marvellous for me because I like my days to be busy and nights to be chill which is what they have been. Yesterday (Sunday 13 August) I got the metro to the Eiffel Tower!! Oh wow, didn’tContinue reading “Notre dame & The Eiffel Tower.”

Im Back From Marrakesh! :)

Hey everyone! so sorry i have not posted ive been on my holidays. I went to sunny Morocco and it was lovely 🙂 Well… It wasnt lovely seeing what people have to live like over there. It just makes you realise what you have got back at home tbh. It was quite upsetting seeing people route thoughContinue reading “Im Back From Marrakesh! :)”

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