Paris 08/08/2017

Arrived in at about 5pm. The flight from Manchester was so speedy I couldn’t believe how quick it was!! Had to get the RER B train to near the centre as apparently, I’m staying in the ‘China town of paris? It’s in the 11thendorsement. I got there and a guy greeted me who had been looking after the cats for a couple of days before hand

He was lovely and from Texas, he was giving me abit of business advice about gembobs crafts… to start to focus more on my customers and not just make all the time which is something I do constantly. I find the business side quite difficult really.

Anyway, we chatted and he showed me how to inject one of the arts as she has diabetes L never done that before so it’s good to know what to do. She is gorgeous and pure white. There is another cat also who has urinary problems!! The apartment is lovely I couldn’t have asked for nicer tbh I feel very lucky. So, I just got my things sorted ECT and headed for bed awaiting the explorations to begin the next day.


So, I’ve come out into the world and I just thought I would wander tbh to see where it takes me

I’m currently in the louvre queue which is MASSIVE OMG. But if I don’t stand in it now I never will so just have got to do it I suppose. It’s quite a nice day so I don’t mind. A girl from lonelyplanets forum messaged me as I said I was in Paris and she is travelling and is here for tonight so we are randomly meeting up!! She seems lovely so hopefully it’ll be good!! (didn’t meet up in the end… it started pouring it down)

The Louvre is AMAZING obviously. It is absolouty massive and I really didn’t expect that. The mona lisa was bigger then I expected. everyone kept saying its tiny but its not that small? I couldn’t get to it though because the room was full of people. Really busy so I didn’t really like that it made me quite anxious and I felt my heart racing so I had to get out. I decided to wander to the Eifle Tower next but it just started raining so I went to a cute little café and sat outside under shelter and had a small tea. Quite nice just to chill for abit because I find it hard to sit down but haing done 20,000 steps approx (I have a fitbit…) I definetly needed to sit down!!

I got back around 6 ish which was perfect. I had a lovely day out and paris is just gorgeous and so so pretty I would love to live here and take some french lessons because the language is lush.

Im going to update on my adventures on things i’ve done in Paris but not log everyday as its very time consuming but I will show pictures etc!


So. here it is my first travel blog entry.

Over this year I made a resolution to myself to be more flexible… to explore new things and not just live my life based on societies and my own rule book. I can’t work a mundane job… I have to be flexible and work around my own routines that I have. So, this year I’ve managed to go to Thailand (very short and abit disastrous but I won’t go into that), Las Palma which was fantastic with my sister Amy. Bergerac in South of France for two-week cat sitting where I had use of a car (which really helped). And not I am in Paris for two weeks, then flying to Madrid after that for two weeks.


So overall compared to the last few years of my life it has been brilliant. I struggle with the language difference and I feel very arrogant because I can’t speak another language. But I may take some classes in either French or Spanish. So, I know this blog is mainly crafts related but I’m think of diversifying it a little bit and adding in a few more sections.

  1. Crafts
  2. Travels
  3. Home decor
  4. Saving and money

What do you think?

Custom Tear Off Notepad

Really good idea!! Found on 🙂 going to make a few of these beauty’s i think!! 

I don’t know about you all, but two big things on my mind lately are getting (and staying) organized, and Valentines Day gifties. Not only am I an avid list-maker, but I love the idea of custom notecards, so this project was a no-brainer. Once you learn how to make these you’ll be making them for everyone you know. In a single afternoon I made myself a six months supply!

Let’s get started.


* Cardstock- 5-10 sheets per notepad

* Chipboard- about 8 1/2″ x 11″ (a cereal box does the trick nicely)

* White glue

* Food coloring (optional)

* Binder clips

* Miscellaneous customizing goodies

Step 1. Use a box cutter or Exacto to cut your paper into 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ sheets.  Do the same for your chipboard.

Step 2.  Customize!  Get creative and adorn each sheet individually.  I stitched up the sides of one notepad, stamped my name on another, and cut the bottom of the third notepad with scalloped scissors.  Fun!  Let any ink dry before moving on to step 3.

Step 3. Place your chipboard at the back of the notepad and turn the whole stack on its head.  Tap it on the table to align all pages and binder clip the whole thing together.

Step 4.  Glue!  Mix a quarter-sized dollop of white glue with a single drop of food coloring to get a fabulous color, or play with the food coloring to get more fancy.  The color might come out much darker than it seems if the glue dries clear.  Mix well.  Use your finger or a paint brush to add a thin layer of glue to the top of the notepad.  Make sure you don’t leave any big holes, but don’t use too much glue or it will bleed onto the top of the paper.

Step 5.  Scrape off any excess glue that might have gotten on the paper or chipboard.  Use 2 chipboard scraps (one for the front, one for the back) and attach 2 more binder clips to the top of the notepad.  Make sure you aren’t glueing the chipboard scraps to the notepad.

Step 6. Let dry.  If you did get glue on the top page, no worries.  You can just tear it off, but make sure the glue is dry first.  Now you can use your notepads for grocery lists or love notes- or both!